Name: Allie

Age: 17

Instagram: allieclark

Twitter: allieclarkkk

Personal Tumblr: www.kalllon.tumblr.com

Favorite Cheer Teams: 

Favorite Blogs:

Promo 4 Promo? maybe! I don’t really like these because they clog up my dash and I know they annoy people so I try not to do them.

Tumbling Skills:  

[X]Round off 

[X]Standing Handspring

[X]RO Handspring

[X]Standing Mulitples

[X]RO Multiples

[X]RO Tuck

[X]RO Hand Tuck

[X] Standing Tuck

[X]RO Layout

[X]RO Hand Layout

[X]RO Full

[X]RO Hand Full

[  ]Standing Multi to Full

[  ]Standing Full

[  ]RO Hand Double

[  ]Standing Multi to Double

I track the tag 100percentcheer so if you want me to see something then just tag it as that!